Congratulations to the athletes that were selected for the 2019/2020 season:

14-1s Team: Coached by Liz Larson and Casey Weaver

Abby H.

Ava H.

Lilia E.

Laine A.

Delaney P.

Anna H.

Leah S.

Claira W.

Elizabeth G.

16-1s Team: Coached by Hannah Weidner and  Angelica Bailey

Sam B.

Megan G.

Vanessa H.

Reese H.

Allison H.

Amaya R.

Indi T.

Grace S.

Allison T.

Dora W.

Olga S.

16-2s Team: Coached by Karen Young

Stella A.

Mackenzie D.

Estella J.

Jacquelyn K.

Rachel L.

Emmanuelle S.

Sydney S.

Zoe T.

Jaiden E.

Syntiah F.

17-1s Team: Coached by Angie Weidner

Ruby C.

Madeline D.

Helene F.

Kyla M.

Noelle O.

Liberty S.

Makayla S.

Kiera R.

Allison R.

Lauren H.

Willa S.

18-1s Team: Coached by Liz Link

Tania C.

Sophia D.

Rose E.

Hannie M.

Margaret M.

Kayla M.

Sara S.

Madison S.

Kyla O.

Lauren K.

Lauren H.

Ingrid A. 



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